Plockton has all the ingredients that would make your stay in the Scottish village truly memorable. It is abundant in scenic beauty and gives you some excellent opportunities to indulge in exciting outdoor activities. Among them is sea kayaking. 

Whenever you visit Plockton, you might want to consider taking one of the sea kayak expeditions to the neighboring islands. Here are some of the best options in sea kayak expeditions for tourists enjoying their stay in Plockton:

1. Isle of Skye expedition

When you go sea kayaking to the Isle of Skye, you’ll get to explore the island’s gorgeous coastline. It is quite remote and is only accessible by boats. The Isle of Skye is located in the far north-western region of Scotland. It has been voted one of the world’s best islands by the National Geographic magazine. The enchanting scenery of the island is dominated by the Cuillin Mountains. 

The wild coastline of the Isle of Skye is washed by tides that come from the Atlantic Ocean. Owing to these magnificent waters, the experienced sea kayakers would have some interesting and challenging conditions. These expeditions can typically last from 3 days and 2 nights to 5 days and 4 nights. Accommodation would be wild camping and self-catering.

2. Outer Hebrides expedition

Outer Hebrides can be a world-class destination for experienced kayakers. These expeditions generally involves stays on a small cruise ship with dining included. Such ships can anchor in some charming and remote places and you can paddle at awe-inspiring locations. 

They include Vatersay, Barra and the uninhabited islands of Mingulay, Sandray, and Pabbay. The spectacular sights on these islands include some dramatic cliffs, sheltered sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Mingulay and St Kilda are popular for their amazing cliff landscapes, isolated location, and rich wildlife. 

During this expedition, you’ll be accompanied by qualified guides or instructors used to the challenging conditions while at sea. The cruise ship would have a chef on board, who provides delicious meals prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Accommodations on such ships are usually arranged in single and twin temperature-controlled cabins. 

The spacious ship may also offer the option of dining alfresco. Additionally it has plenty of space to store everything needed for the expedition, including the sea kayaks. You’ll also be able to bring your water sports gear owing to the ample storage space.

3. Small Isles expedition

This would be a 5-day expedition that allows you to explore some of the most marvelous sights of the Small Isles. They are a small archipelago of four islands, which form a part of the Inner Hebrides. The islands in the archipelago are Muck, Eigg, Canna, and Rum. 

Located south of the Isle of Skye, these islands can be reached under favorable conditions. If the weather is not suitable to reach them by sea kayaks, you can take the Calmac ferry. Each of these islands has its own unique character. Rum is the largest among them and is dominated by volcanic peaks. 

The most populous in the archipelago is Eigg, which is owned by the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust. Bordered by secluded bays, Muck is the smallest and most southerly in the archipelago. The most westerly of these islands is Canna. Accommodation would be wild camping and self-catering for 4 nights.

3 Best Sea Kayak Expeditions for Tourists Visiting Plockton

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