There’s something between Scotland and whiskey, which makes them inseparable. People would always prefer a Scotch whiskey over all the other kinds available in the world. This is almost the same like associating fine wine with France. None of the whiskeys have been able to dominate the minds of people as significantly as the Scottish ones. 

Such has been the quality of the single malt Scotch whiskey that it still rules many hearts. Over the past few years, the costs of single malt Scotch whiskey have been dramatically soaring. The rise in its overall value was 40% in 2018. Among the most expensive whiskeys in the world, many are Scottish. 


A bottle of the early 20th-century Macallan was bought for £1,200,000 at Christie’s in London in 2019. Whiskeys from any of the other countries in the world may not fetch such a huge amount. Upon looking at these facts, you may wonder what makes single malt Scotch so popular.

Single malt whiskeys are not just found in Scotland, but many other countries of the world. They include USA, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Japan, and India. Barley is the ingredient used in the making of a single malt whiskey at one particular distillery. 

However, Scotch single malt whiskey is special, as it can only be made in Scotland. This is because it has a protected Geographical Indicator (GI) status. It is also distilled and matured in a particular manner. Owing to this exclusivity among all the other features, Scotch single malts are the most desired ones.


As this is a protected product, Scottish single malt whiskey cannot be replicated. Else, distilleries in any other country could use the same process to make a Scotch. Although the process of distillation can be replicated, there are certain things that are not replaceable. They are the geology, climate, and water of Scotland. 

Even within the country there are diverse landscapes, which also makes each of the distilleries unique. Macallan, which comes from the north-eastern part of Cairngorm Mountains will always taste like itself. Imitating a Scotch whiskey would never produce a distinct Scottish experience in the drink.


There’s something else, which makes Scottish single malts so different from the other quality whiskeys in the world. It is the sheer romanticism that they evoke in the drinker. A premium Scotch single malt comes with an intense history and from a unique geographical region. 

Upon drinking it, the images of the Scottish culture, landscapes, and people surface in the drinker’s mind. This instantly elevates the drinking experience to a whole new level. Some of these special areas of Scotland have been instrumental in the success of Scotch single malts. 

When you drink a Scottish single malt, the visions you get make the entire experience a special one. One of the best experiences would be savouring a Scotch beside a fireplace in the middle of a chilly winter. It won’t be wrong to say that the heart and soul of Scotland reside in a Scottish whiskey. This is another big reason why it has found a place in the hearts of millions across the world.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

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