Set against the backdrop of heather and pine trees, Plockton is a charming seaside village. It is delightful and picturesque with its incomparable location on the sheltered Loch Carron bay. During the high season, this Scottish village is abuzz with tourists, bobbing yachts, artists, and photographers. There’s no doubt that you’ll have many interesting things to do during your stay in Plockton. 

However, you can also have many things to do while you’re in your hotel room. Well, there are times when you don’t feel like venturing out, especially after a long day of travel. Although in such situations your hotel room might feel like heaven, it can also be boring. So, to make these precious moments memorable, here are some fun things you can try while staying indoors:

1. Connect with your loved ones

Ever thought about this? Such moments can be one of the biggest gifts. While living a fast-paced life, you might’ve lost touch with so many of your relatives, friends, and former co-workers. This would be the best time to grab your smartphone or laptop and connect with them. 

Just get into something comfortable, hop on to your comfortable bed and start chatting! Call everyone you’ve wanted to speak with since quite a long time. As many of the hotels today have free Wi-Fi for their guests, you might also have it. This can be great for making video calls. You can also choose to chat with them through the instant messaging apps.

2. Turn the bathroom into your personal spa

You don’t often get to pamper yourself with some relaxing spa treatments. This can be your moment to indulge in a very personal spa session. Ask the hotel staff to send you a bottle of wine. It would be great if they can also arrange a scented candle and bath salts for you. 

Next, just get into the bubble bath and soak yourself in the tub. If you’re a woman, then you can also set aside some time for a beauty treatment. Grab the makeup kit in your bag and try experimenting with a new look. You can also give some deep conditioning to your hair and get your nails painted. 

3. Enjoy the views while sipping your coffee

Picture this. You’ve got up early in the morning and you’re not feeling like going anywhere. So, you open the windows of your hotel room to take in some fresh morning air. The views outside are so enchanting, you just feel like sitting beside the window and enjoying those beautiful sights. 

Well, who’s stopping you? You can make the experience even more pleasant by ordering a cup of coffee. Then, make yourself comfortable beside the window and savor the views while enjoying the sips of your coffee.

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4 Things to Do Inside Your Hotel Room in Plockton

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