Scotland has some stunning landscapes, which would make you crave for a vacation amid those scenic delights. Among all the things that make it a sought-after tourist destination are its gorgeous villages. It won’t be wrong to say that the beauty of Scotland resides in its countryside. The villages of this country are also the places where you’ll get to know everything about the Scottish culture. 

While exploring these villages, you’ll come across cobblestone streets lined with some charming storefronts, restaurants, and shops. The local pubs give you the chance to savour some Scotch whiskey along with live folk music. Here are some of the beautiful Scottish villages you must visit while vacationing in the country:  

1. Tobermory

Located on the east coast of Mishnish is this village known for its colored houses. The picture-perfect Tobermory would give you excellent opportunities to click some Instagram-worthy snaps. Besides you’ll have many things to do while getting around in the village. 

You can get to the Mull Museum to know more about the local history. Aros Park would be a great place to explore if you want to experience nature at its best. For having a wonderful time, enjoy a picnic near the Loch Sunart or spend some quality time at Mull Aquarium.

2. Plockton

A quaint village with a small population, Plockton has the kind of serenity that’s extremely pleasing to the senses. It is located on the shores of Lake Carron. You’ll not be surprised upon knowing that Plockton has been featured in many television series and films. Such is the marvelous beauty of this Scottish village. Among the outdoor activities you’d like to indulge in during your stay in this village are sailing and kayaking.

3. Pittenweem

Located in the East Neuk of Fife, Pittenweem is a charming fishing village with an attractive harbor. It is this harbor, which is a major focus of the village. When it’s daybreak, the fishing boats can be seen retreating with their catch. It is then taken to the daily fish market. All those picturesque homes that surround the harbor would be a delight to visit. 

If you’re visiting this village during the Pitterweem Art Festival, you must certainly not miss it. You’ll get some interesting insights into fishing with a visit to the Scottish Fisheries Muse. Another wonderful attraction you’d love exploring is St Filan’s Cave.

4. Fort Augustus

When you’re at the southernmost end of Loch Ness, you’ll come across this historic village. It has become one of the top Scottish villages frequently visited by many tourists. It has many lovely paths for walkers and cyclists. You’ll have a great time while sailing and kayaking at the Caledonian Canal. 

If you want to get educated on the local culture, visit the Clansman Center. Another fascinating attraction you must explore while you’re in this village is Fort Augustus Abbey.

5. Maidens

A visit to this enchanting village in Scotland would give you the chance to enjoy many outdoor activities. One of them is venturing out on the fairways and taking in the fresh air. You can also take a walk around to see the brilliant architecture of Maidens. 

The tokens or plaques displayed at certain places would tell you some intriguing tales of the past. The Old Church, Caravan Park, and Culzean Castle are some of the attractions you can explore in Maidens.

5 Beautiful Villages of Scotland for a Pleasant Vacation

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